Things You Need to Know About Buying Beachfront Property

Many people dream about having the beach in their own front yard. They imagine days filled with the wafting ocean breeze and warm nights where all they hear is the crashing of the waves. Yet for most people being able to open their doors to a vista of gleaming, sandy beaches where a refreshing dip under the cool, crisp waves is only a short walk away may sound like an unattainable fantasy.

Beachfront property in the U.S. can cost a miniature fortune and housing prices only keep going up year after year. Even if you’re planning to wait until retirement to live out your dream, high property taxes and an even higher cost of living by the shore will continue to drain away your hard-earned wealth. Yet if beach-side living sounds like something you’re passionate about, don’t let these prospects keep you from your dream of sand, surf and a cold margarita.

Just south of the border there is a booming real estate market specializing in offering beautiful homes to a growing expat community, and all at affordable prices. While luxury houses in some of the most popular tourist destinations can definitely cost millions, those prices are still cheap compared to similar properties stateside. Depending on your budget though, you can choose to live near a busy and bustling resort city or an equally beautiful area that has yet to attract the seasonal crowds.

There are still many undiscovered gems in the Land of Enchantment where you can buy yourself a beautiful home for much less than you’d expect. In fact, most beachfront homes in Mexico can easily be found for a fraction of the cost of the villas in Acapulco if you know where to look. The state of Campeche, nestled between Cancun and the pyramids of Chichen Itza, is one such location. Not yet as popular as other regions, Campeche still offers attractive beaches, resort communities and safe, beautiful cities.

If you’re a little more adventurous you can score an even better deal by purchasing a beachfront lot and having your own home built. Once you’re ready to invest in surfing lessons you can find yourself a beach-side lot for around $60,000 and construct a home for $70 to $80 per square foot. Not only will this give you the freedom to design your own home, you’ll have access to virtually virgin beaches while still getting to enjoy the comforts of a modern and up-and-coming community.

Another great part about living in Mexico is how close you’ll still be to the States. Most of the time a flight will get you back to visit family in a couple of hours, often for cheaper than the airfare between two US cities! Cities such as Campeche and Cuidad del Carmen have their own international airports, ensuring a quick return flight, not that you’ll want to go back! As you can see, a beautiful beachfront home isn’t really out of reach. In fact, it’s more possible than ever as real estate developers and beach-loving individuals begin to see the potential that Mexico has to offer.

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