Requirements for a Nevada Real Estate License  

There aren’t many jobs that withstand the test of time, but one job that will never go out of style is in real estate. Home buyers and sellers will always need the professional expertise of an agent to help guide them through the process. If you are considering becoming a real estate agent, here are

The Nevada real estate license requirements you’ll need to meet to become licensed.

Requirements for Education the first requirement you will need to meet is the education requirement. In the state of Nevada you must complete 90 hours of pre-licensing education. This curriculum is split with 45 hours dedicated to real estate principles and 45 hours dedicated to real estate law, which also includes some portions of Nevada state law. Once completed, you will be issued a certificate and be provided transcripts of your course completion.

Requirements for Identity Nevada require that you submit your fingerprints in order to earn a real estate license. There are a number of other careers in Nevada that require this, so if you have already been provided a fingerprint card within the last year, those can be submitted in the application process otherwise, you will need to have a new fingerprint card processed through a government agency.

Requirements for the Exam The last step you need to take when applying for your real estate license in Nevada is to sit for the real-estate exam. This exam will test the knowledge of the principles and concepts that you learned during your education hours. If you have taken the test in another state within the past year, you can also submit those results instead of sitting for another exam.

Once you have your fingerprints, education certificate and exam results, you can finish the application process and receive your real-estate license to work in the state of Nevada.

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