Preparing to Move in to New Home

You have been a loyal renter for the past decade but after saving a significant amount of cash, coupled with workplace bonus, a brand-new home in a brand-new community has been added to your financial portfolio. So, what is next? It’s time to look forward for the ultimate move. It’s time to wrap things up at your old place and say goodbye to your soon to be ex-landlord.

The first step is to make sure that you have a good payment history in your rental house. Here are some of the tasks that let you prepare for the move-out process:

  • Go through your current lease
  • Make a list of items to be returned and received
  • Start a change of address
  • Get rid of unwanted junk
  • Schedule a walk-through inspection

By going through your current lease, you will know the exact leasing dates, deadlines for notices, clauses of renewal and many other information pertaining to your current home. Talk early with your landlord about your intended move-out date and let them know if you want to stay in the current lease term or switch to month-to-month. Many tenants assume they have paid the last month’s rent in advance at the beginning of the lease when in fact they paid a security deposit in addition to cleaning fee. This assumption may lead to late fees for non-payment in the end. Reading your lease will prevent such problems. Feel free to ask for advice from a real estate services playa del rey ca agent in this matter.

Many rental properties impose an impact fee, which is the amount that is required during move-out process to make the property ready for the next move-in. Make sure you know about these charges. This fee may include compensation for wear and tear, new carpet or flooring, elevators as well as your share of wear and tear to the common areas. Also, you may be entitled to some or all portion of the security deposit, so be prepared to receive it around between 30 to 90 days of your move-out.

All that furniture that you think might ruin your new home needs to be hauled to junk. The same goes for anything else that you may think might not be useful in the future. Make notes of all the places where your address needs to be changed. This may also include any organization that you infrequently correspond with but is needed for any reunion in the later dates. Once you know your new address, it is just a matter of notifying the postal service and sending out the appropriate notices.

Finally, it all comes down to your landlord accepting the property’s current condition without any need for further payment. A signed contract stating the same should suffix. This needs to be done the day before the move-out process. Don’t wait until the memories fade and your landlord asks for more time to rethink opinions.

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