Important Matters a Real Estate Lawyer Can Assist With: Asaf Izhak Rubin

According to Asaf Izhak Rubin, the following are some of the most important matters that a good real estate lawyer can assist you with in your home buying or selling process. Keep reading to know more about these issues:

Tax of Real Estate Property

It is true that and Asaf Izhak Rubin agrees with this as well is that how real estate property taxes are set can be rather complicated, and differs by municipality as well as state. The rate of tax is based on the overall value of the home, and this is calculated as a % of the combined value of the land value, improvements value and site value. Although this might sound complex, the good news for you is that an experienced real estate lawyer can help you with this!


There happen to be a number of local laws that are applicable to real property. This might include everything from regulations regarding the types and size of structures that might be built on land to laws of environment that are pertinent to privately owned real estate property. A quality real estate lawyer needs to be an expert in laws of zoning and can assist you in learning about how these laws will impact the sale or purchase of the real estate property.

Estate Planning

According to Asaf Izhak Rubin, when you leave behind real property after your demise, it functions differently than leaving your other assets such as money. What you should know is that it is of paramount importance to ensure that your real estate property goes where you would want it to, and that is precisely where real estate planning comes in the picture. When you hire the services of a real estate lawyer, it will enable you to make sure that your real estate property is handled the way you want lest an owner dies or becomes incapacitated.

Property Deeds

This one is actually a very important document and it is basically a written statement that needs to be created in a correct manner legally speaking. The property deed has to grant that the seller has the capacity to transfer the real estate property while the buyer has to receive it. In addition, the deed should also describe in a proper manner the precise real estate property that is being transferred.

Rental Properties

For those who are keen to rent out the real estate property they own, a Real Estate lawyer can serve very critical purpose for landlords and this is a crucial point that you need to keep in mind! From the eviction proceedings to leasing documents, a Real Estate lawyer can prepare for you all the necessary paperwork that is required so that you do not have to put yourself through the hassle of arranging any of the documents!

Land Disputes

It is rather unfortunate that some of the real estate issues need a court case. In these instances, a Real Estate lawyer is required to guide you through the procedure and to take charge of your particular case. In scenarios where there are title disputes, contract enforcement issues, or general disputes of land, a Real Estate lawyer is required to look out for your ideal interests.


A title entails all the rights which a real estate property owner has that comes with the real property which they have bought. It also happens to be the formal document as per Asaf Izhak Rubin that the seller transfers to the buyer and constitutes the final property sale. A few of the aspects that the title covers include rights pertaining to easement access, exclusive possession, partitioning, and use. This is the precise and very important piece of paper that proves an individual owns a piece of real estate property, and it is very critical that it be created in a proper manner.


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