How Will A Commercial Realtor Help You?

The real estate market is commonly broken down into two main groups. The first is commercial and industrial and the second is residential. Most people have a friend, neighbor, family member or even co-worker who is a residential realtor either part time or full time. Finding a commercial and industrial real estate agent can be a bit trickier. You will want to find one that is seasoned in finding office and business spaces and knowledgeable enough to put in necessary important input.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level you will want to enlist the help of a seasoned commercial and industrial real estate agent. This agent will be able to help you find the most adequate space for your growing business and discuss commercial real estate terms. When you schedule a meeting with a realtor there are a few things that will occur during your initial meeting.

First your agent is going to inquire a bit about your business. This will help them determine the size of office space that you will need. Your agent will also take into consideration your future needs. It is important to not purchase or rent more space then you need. The more money you spend monthly on your space is less profits for your business.

Secondly your agent is going to ask you what your location preferences are. If you are willing to commute a bit you may be able to save some money on your monthly rental costs. You will also need to make your realtor aware of any necessary features for your space. If you require a private bathroom, break room or conference room you may need to pay more for your rental fees.

Keeping an open mind will help you save money on your monthly rental or loan amounts. If you are looking for just a professional office space to meet clients you will benefit well with a building that has shared common spaces. Many office buildings that are comprised of multiple office suites have restrooms in the hall way for tenants and their clients. These types of buildings also have a common space kitchen where tenants can store lunch or make coffee. When it comes to conference rooms you may have to rent the space from your landlord for meetings but it would be more cost effective to pay a small rental fee for a commonly used conference room then to pay more rent monthly for a conference space in your suite that is only used occasionally.

A realtor that thinks outside the box is also a huge asset to you if you are in the startup phase of your business. If you are open to flexible spaces that may exist within established businesses you may find yourself saving quite a bit on your monthly rental fee. Large family owned businesses such as health clubs often have extra space that is not being utilized. These spaces can often be easily converted into office space for a fraction of the rental fee a office building may charge. Once you have met with your agent and gone through your list of necessities for your space you will be able to rest assured your agent will work on finding you the best space for your business.


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