Fine Details for the Proper Property Management Now

Have you bought an apartment or purchased a plot of land? Congratulations! And now find out what other costs you will have for your housing, and what to keep in mind when building on your own property.

After buying an apartment

  • Constant payments for homeowners are the rent and repayment of loans, a housing joint-stock company. The amount of monthly expenses is calculated based on the footage of the apartment at the joint stock company.
  • The rent covers current expenses arising in connection with home maintenance, compulsory real estate insurance, property tax in Finland, minor repairs, etc.
  • Water, electricity, telephone, Internet, TV antenna and car parking are paid separately.
  • Repayment of loans taken by the company during the construction phase or subsequently – in connection with major repairs, is carried out by monthly equal payments. If desired, the owner of the housing can pay its share in the total loan at a time.

Taxes on land

The land is subject to an annual tax, the rate of which varies depending on the municipality in which the site is located. The tax is not imposed on forest plots, agricultural land, water areas, as well as some public areas. The Property Management in Tucson happens to be the best here.

Commitments for the payment of real estate tax are transferred to the new owner from January 1 next following the purchase of the calendar year. The amount of the annual tax is calculated based on the estimated value of the plot and depends on the nature of use and development of the territory:

Construction on the site

Construction on the land is regulated by the cadastral plan. The plan indicates the permissible volumes and methods of construction. The plan also defines the purpose of using the future building, its height, area, location on the site, remoteness from the reservoir, etc. Compliance with these regulations is controlled by municipal authorities.

  • If the cadastral plan of the territory on which the construction is planned is not available, or the construction is planned on the territory that goes beyond the scope of the planned regulations, the developer must obtain a special permit from the municipal authorities or the Environment Center.
  • Before the construction begins, a construction project is drawn up.
  • Before the start of construction, a responsible foreman is appointed and a construction project is drawn up. During the design, incl. it turns out the possibility of bringing the necessary engineering communications to the site. The cost of connection to water, sewage and electricity supply systems is determined by the municipality.

To build and carry out major repairs, demolition of old buildings and changes in the landscape of the site, it is necessary to obtain permission from the municipal bodies of technical supervision.


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