The uses of cranes in the maritime industry 

The maritime industry is one of the key players that is providing thousands of jobs in countries with offshore territories that contain larger water masses. At most times, the ports are a beehive of activities thus cranes are needed in this sector to enable lifting of bulky cargo and moving of other equipment. 


Indeed, cranes are essential requirements in ports where many types of goods and equipment are being handled to ensure they reach their destination. The cranes are used to lift loads and perform other critical functions in shipyards where the building, repair, and maintenance of ships occur. Most importantly, the nature of work calls for a different type of crane.

It is fundamental to always have the safety of the load and maritime workers in mind when designing the cranes for maritime. In recent times, crane manufacturers have been incorporating relevant technologies and design requirements that are accredited by regulation authorities as best practices to maintain enhance safety. 


Types of marine cranes 

Although there many types of cranes that are applied in the maritime sector, there are categories of cranes that are commonly used to facilitate smooth operations. 


Gandy marine cranes  

The Gandy crane is designed in either fixed or flexible height and is one of the tallest cranes that is used in loading and offloading goods in ships. It is built with horizontal two beams that are connected to each other with wheels to ensure they are portable and mobile. The gantry cranes are used to move larger loads in the dock such as containers and are also utilized in construction locations.


Floating cranes 

As the name suggests, the floating cranes are designed with winches that are connected to them and have the capacity to lift loads up to over ten thousand tonnes. They are used to load and offload heavy materials within ports. Additionally, they are also used to retrieve sunken ships using long hooks. Another feature is their design with a semi-submersible shear wrench for balancing. These floating vessels are flexible to allow them to move cargo from one location to another. 


Tower cranes 

The tower crane is used to lift loads to high height because they can reach up to 10000 meters high. It is designed with a wrench base that is fixed on the ground. Tower cranes are used in combination with deck cranes in either a ship or a boat. The deck cranes are mainly used for loading and unloading cargo on the port and are run by hydraulic systems. There are many types of tower cranes such as carrier-mounted cranes, luffing cranes, self-erecting cranes, top-slewing cranes, and they’re also a variety of deck cranes that are available for handling different types of cargo in ports.


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