A Beautiful Place to Call Home!

A Beautiful Place to Call Home!

The land for sale in Prior Lake, MN, is highly sought after and prospective buyers looking for pristine property in an impeccable setting are lining up for their chance to own a piece of prime real estate for their future homes. Prior Lake, MN, is 20 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis. While close enough to a large city for the convenience of shopping and dining, the town of Prior Lake has its own unique offerings. Boasting a population of just over 23,000 people, Prior Lake is small enough to sustain that Midwest hometown feel. It is home to more than 500 businesses with a booming job market, 13 schools and 55 parks to enjoy. With all the town has to offer, it’s no wonder land and acreage is highly sought after. Golfing opportunities abound in the Prior Lake area with the Wild’s Golf Club, Legends Golf Club, Heritage Links Golf Club, Cleary Lake Golf Course and the Meadows at Mystic Lake Golf Course.

Prior Lake itself is made up of Upper and Lower Prior Lake. Upper Prior Lake consists of 415 acres while Lower Prior Lake boasts 925 acres. Boating, fishing, beaches, snowmobiling, ice fishing and water sports are the major draw, making the lots and land surrounding this recreational paradise highly desired. The city of Prior Lake has 14 lakes all within its city limits. To keep and protect the natural beauty surrounding the lakes, the Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District works diligently with the surrounding communities and local government to keep the waterways and environment unaffected by development. Prior Lake is a fisherman’s dream! Lakes are stocked with northern, bass, sunfish and crappies, which makes for year-round angling. Territory lots and land are 270 acres of the most beautiful real estate in Scott County, Minnesota. Located in Credit River Township, Territory offers 134 home sites on spacious lots ranging from 0.6 to an acre wide, Territory offers home sites with space and room enough to provide you with privacy and breathing space. Home sites surround several ponds and wetlands making the natural beauty of the area a perfect view from your backyard. The builders took extra care to maintain the unspoiled landscape of the area. Land is a limited resource, and Prior Lake land is selling fast. Once you purchase your land parcel, Territory works with your vision and dream to build you the home of you imagination. Whether it’s a retirement home or a growing family, the beauty and tranquility of the area is a wonderful place to call home. The Prior Lake demand for land is booming, thanks to tremendous population growth, buyer demand, and incredibly low mortgage interest rates. Land in Prior Lake is popular for buyers who want a recreational lifestyle with lakefront real estate that maintains its value. Consider owning a piece of land in a pristine, wildlife-protected area where the beauty of unspoiled nature surrounds you. Territory will help you from start to finish with your dream home. Owning a piece of land or a lot in the one of the most desirable locations in the state of Minnesota is one of the best long-term investments you can make. Offering over 100 miles of hiking trails and sidewalks, it’s no wonder land for sale in Prior Lake, MN, is so in demand by home buyers looking for the best!

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