Top tips when buying double glazing

If you are considering buying double glazed windows or doors you will probably be aware that there is no shortage of helpful sales people claiming to have the best products, services and deals.

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Investing in double glazing will likely be an expensive addition to your home and something you won’t want to get wrong.

You will want to do some research to ensure you get the right products for you, at a good price and from a reputable company. There is a range of window types, styles, colours and glass options from which to choose.

A good place to start is to look at other houses, which will give you an idea of styles available and which style would suit your home. You may initially want casement windows but if you visit a showroom, such as you may discover an alternative you hadn’t considered, such as sash windows or a feature bay window.

Another area to research well is the company you choose to carry out the installation. Word-of-mouth recommendations are an ideal way to discover the reputable companies in your area – and the ones to avoid!

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You can search for a FENSA registered installer on the scheme’s website. FENSA was set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation and industry bodies in response to new building regulations for double glazing companies.

Shop around

Buying from the first showroom you walk into or company you contact is never a good idea. Spending time to obtain at least three quotes for the work will allow you to compare prices, products, and get a feel for a company you may entrust with your money and your home.

A company may drastically reduce the price of its quote during a visit to their showroom or to your home to put pressure on you to sign a deal immediately. This will never be in your interest and will prevent you from comparing prices, products and companies.

The right to cancel

You are unlikely to have the right to cancel a contract for double glazing because the product is made to your individual specifications. Furthermore, your rights can differ depending on whether you sign an on-premises contract at the company’s premises, an off-premises contract online or over the phone or agreed to a contract during a visit to your home.

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