Things You Should Know about a Studio and a 1-Bedroom Apartment.

You may come across two popular options when you plan to own a sweet little home in Houston. They are – studio apartments and 1 bedroom apartments Houston. If it’s just you and your significant other who will be sharing the place, then it may get confusing to decide between the two. If you want to make an informed decision, you have to understand the difference between them. By reading this blog, you can learn about both housing options. 

What’s a studio apartment?

A studio has a compact design; it houses all your workspace, bedroom, living room, etc. in a large room. You get an attached kitchen and a separate bathroom, apart from that all you have is a studio. Depending on the furniture you use, you can have distinct places where you work, hang out with friends, and sleep.   

You get a limited area to work with, especially if you like the feeling of separate rooms with walls. Ultimately, your furniture placement and smart design plan can get you a lot more from your studio. It can help you establish defined spaces for different purposes. 

What’s a 1-bedroom apartment?

The most significant difference between the studio and 1-bedroom apartments in Houston is the bedroom. With the latter, you get an extra room, few more walls, and separate areas. It gives you a distinct kitchen, living room, and the bedroom. Some apartments may also offer you extra closets and dining places. 

Square footage in a smaller single bedroom apartment can be equal to studio ones. But it can still feel bigger as there’s a separation of wall between rooms. Otherwise, the square footage is decent in 1-bedroom apartments. If you are sure between studio and single bedroom apartment, then factors as below can indeed help you.    

Factors to consider when selecting between the two:

  • Amenities: Since a one-bedroom apartment has more space, it automatically fits more amenities. It can have in-unit laundry hook-ups, full-sized appliances, and more than one closet. It’s great to have all such facilities, but you have to decide whether you need it.     
  • Lifestyle: If you’re going to live alone or with your closed one, you might do well in a studio apartment. If you have a lifestyle where you invite your friends for dinner or watch TV, you should consider a 1-bedroom apartment.  
  • Maintenance: Upkeep of the place becomes a lot more convenient when you have less space. You don’t have too many walls to decorate in a studio apartment, and cleaning is quick too. But a small area can also get messy due to unorganized storage.  
  • Privacy: In the studio, you sleep, work, eat, all in a single place. And a single bedroom apartment gives you a separate bedroom and a living area. It can give you more privacy as you have doors to close between the rooms. When family or friends come over, privacy can be benefitting. 

In summary

That was the difference between studio apartments and 1 bedroom apartments Houston. While the studio has a more compact design, the 1-bedroom apartment gives you an extra bedroom and a few more walls. It would help if you kept in mind factors like lifestyle, amenities, maintenance, and privacy when you’re choosing an apartment. 

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